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Jesus began His ministry by heading into the wilderness to pray and fast for 40 days. He thus set the example for any Christian who desires to explore the Monastic Life. To live as a Monk or Nun, prayer must dominate your life. Prayer yields a deeper relationship with God than any other single thing. Good works, a good attitude, a willingness to follow the commandments- all of that is very good. But a good prayer life- more than anything else- causes good works, a good attitude and a willingness to follow the commandments. It builds us up to live a Christian life better than anything else.

The Liturgy of the Hours is a meditation. It's a series of songs. It's the deepest, most diverse prayer life yet established. The more time we spend in the Liturgy- with awareness, with understanding, with humility and with a willingness to submit everything to His will- adds up to a deeper life of Holiness for all of us- for any of us.

The goal of our Community isn't membership- it's spiritual growth. If 6 months from now- you feel closer to Christ, richer in living the Gospel, better able to go through the trials of this world- then we're perfectly content whether you ever become a member or not.
This is an invitation to join us, to help support us, to become part of what we're doing. Come to our teleconference prayer times. Pray alone or with a friend during the other times. Join us in our Online seminars. Write us emails, ask of us, share with us- write often on our Facebook page. Grow from all this and you've got the greatest membership anybody could have- brotherhood in His Way.

We don't care about your background, your religion, your previous mistakes and failures and neither does Christ. If you're willing to go with Him into the wilderness, if you hunger for His truth- for His loving Compassion- this Community will try to be a conduit. Under the leadership of Bishop Timothy Connelly and Abbot William Conner, the Community mirrors a Monastery or Convent but in a much more personal way.

You set your prayer times- according to your schedule. But always the Law of Sowing & Reaping is there- we only get out of this what we put into it. We learn according to our efforts to learn. We grow in grace in direct proportion to the amount of faith we daily put into living as He would have us live. And it's never about prosperity and success but about Surrender and Forgiveness.

Time to pray. Let's get started...